3 Trade Show Booth Features To Attract Attention

Do you have a trade show coming up? Do you want to make sure your booth gets as much attention from attendees as possible? If this trade show is like most, then the competition for attention will be fierce. Trade show attendees usually have lots of options and they may not give each booth more than a passing glance. To win their attention, you'll likely need more than just a table and some pop-up displays. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do when designing your booth to make sure you get plenty of attention. Here are three features you may want to include in your trade show booth design:

Cell phone recharging station. Many of your trade show's attendees will likely need their cell phone to stay connected with their office and clients. However, keeping the cell phone charged can be a problem, especially if the show is an all-day affair with little downtime. You can help those attendees out by putting a cell phone charging station in your booth. Install round, high-top tables for attendees to stand around. Then have your booth construction company put in outlets and chargers to fit a wide variety of the most popular brands of phones.

Also, advertise that you have charging available. Put a sign out front that tells attendees to charge their phone at your booth. While they're waiting for their phone to charge, you and your team can introduce yourselves and discuss your services.

Chrome touches. One of the biggest challenges at a trade show is simply getting attendees to look your way. When there are so many booths around, it can be easy to blend into the background. However, adding touches of chrome can help you stand out from the crowd. Chrome metal has an almost mirror-like appearance and it can reflect light around the room. When attendees see your booth, they'll notice the brightness of it and the reflecting light will draw in their attention.

Your designer can add chrome finishes to your tables, signs, banner stands, and much more. Once you get attendees' attention, then it will be up to you and your team to work hard to keep it.

Video wall. Video has become a common part of many trade show booths. It's fairly standard now for booths to have some kind of video playing, so just having a video component probably isn't enough to make you stand out. However, a video wall could help you take your video element to the next level.

A video wall is a series of monitors that are attached to one large stand so the screens form a wall. The screens can then play different videos or they can work together to play one seamless image. The effect, when done well, is a compelling visual display that should grab and hold your attendees' attention. You'll want to work with a skilled video producer to make sure you're maximizing the wall's potential.

For more information, talk to a video and display dealer like the AV Group. They can help you find the right video wall system for your booth.

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