Making Words Memorable: How A "Quote Creator" Helps You As A Teacher

Quotes and quips of a historical nature are relevant to your students' education. They also can help them understand how events took place, and why historical figures thought and felt the way they did. Pop culture merchandise, from T-shirts to coffee mugs, all quote famous people. Shakespeare to Einstein to Bill Gates all have quotes imprinted on stuff you can buy. However, this is not stuff you can put into a classroom, nor can you wear as a teacher on a daily basis, so how do you put your favorite quotes in your classroom? You can use a "quote creator," of course.

What a "Quote Creator" Is and Does

There are several websites that have quote creators for your use. These sites take your favorite quotes, use the fonts and backgrounds you choose, and create classroom posters you can use to educate students and decorate your classroom. You can preview the final product before the company prints it and ships it.

How It Helps You as a Teacher

In high school, middle school and college, you can never have too many audio or visual materials to help you teach. Having notable quote posters gives you something to refer to, to talk about and discuss when the right lesson comes up, and to inspire your students to learn more about the people who said those quotes. Additionally, when you come up with an original quote yourself, you may want to preserve it in poster form as a means to teach your students that original thoughts do occur, and they can find their own thoughts and put them down on paper if they really try.

The quote creators you see online also allow you to create with color and photos, which contribute to the blandly painted cinder block walls of most schools. It makes your place of employment more inviting and friendly to yourself, your colleagues and your students.

An Additional Application for "Quote Creators"

One additional way that quote creator programs and the companies that print your projects assist you as a teacher has to do with computer or digital art. The software most of these companies use is easy enough to incorporate into a digital art classroom and is a very good way to get students to start thinking about digital design. You could assign a quote creator project as the first assignment in your class, and then the students could learn from each other and critique the posters they create.

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